Monday, February 13, 2017

Travel Diary: Day Six

Friday morning dawned bright and early.  Our girly likes to wake up around 5-5:30, but if I pick her up and hold her, she will go right back to sleep until a little after 6.  We got ready for breakfast and headed downstairs.  I have definitely gotten spoiled by China breakfasts!  Breakfast is my favorite meal, and I wake up hungry, unlike Zeke, Kinley, and Camp, who would love to wait 2-3 hours after waking up to eat.  It has been nice to just walk downstairs, hand them our breakfast vouchers, and have a HUGE buffet spread out for us!

After breakfast, we met our guide and two other families for our medical appointments.  We went to the International Travel Clinic, where we were so lucky to be the only three families there!  We had to wait a few minutes until the doctors and nurses were ready for us, but once they started, the process moved pretty quickly.  There were three places for us to visit to have our paperwork filled out--a weighing/measuring station, a room for a general checkup, and an ENT room.  She was weighed (8.9 kg fully clothed!), measured (27" long), and her temperature was checked. We then went to the general checkup area.  She asked a few questions about her special need, whether she is walking or standing (not yet!), and we were able to ask about her nose bleeds.  She checked her over and spent some time chattering with Judy Lin in Chinese.  She wanted that stethoscope so badly!

We then waited a bit and had some time to talk and look around the clinic before going to the ENT room.  

These were a couple of random observations in the clinic.  We thought this eye test was pretty cool, and check out what Santa brings!!

When we went in to the ENT, he checked her vision, her eye tracking, hearing, and looked in her ears and throat.  He seemed to like her too, and she was amazed by the little light on his head.  Zeke said that between my sweatshirt (H&M in China because it is COLD and I like crazy prints, even though he is making fun of me) and his thing on his head, this picture does not look like 2017!  And in case you're wondering, apparently Chinese doctors have illegible writing like American doctors do.  All of the people that I have watched so far write individual Chinese characters.  The doctor is the first person I have seen who connected Chinese characters in his writing.  

On our way out, we found a vending machine on the bottom floor.  Apparently, if you are upset by your diagnosis or decide to self-medicate, this is your place!

Oh, the randomness of China!  

We came back to the hotel and had one of the hardest days with our girly that we've had so far.  I don't know if it was the medical appointment that bothered her, or if she realized that these crazy white people aren't going anywhere or taking her back to her home, but she was quite upset and nothing would calm her down.  We started seeing the scared look on Wednesday afternoon when she would wake up from a nap, but today we saw it most of the day.  She is confused when she first wakes up and can't figure out where she is or who has her.  Once she fully wakes up and we can give her food or make her smile, she seems to do better, but it's that in-between part that hurts my heart.  So today, we spent a lot of time sitting and rocking and holding and walking to try to make it all better.

The best news today is that our laundry was delivered!  We sent it out yesterday and today it came back, packaged neatly and ready to go again.  Our guide knew someone who came to the hotel and got it for us, and it cost about $50 USD, which is much cheaper than the hotel prices and the fee for overweight luggage.  I'm wondering if I could do this one more time before we leave so that I don't have to wash when we get back?!?! 

Several more Lifeline families arrived today, and we are excited to get to meet more new friends.  The support from other adoptive families here--from our agency as well as others who stay at The Garden with us--has helped tremendously.  It has been awesome to have some of the sweetest people to share this journey with, and hearing English is a comfort!  We have the weekend to hang out, do some more paperwork, and wait for passports to be issued so that we can go HOME!

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