Saturday, February 11, 2017

Travel Diary: Day Four

Day Four was a pretty lazy day for us, with only one appointment at 2:50 p.m.  It started out with some sweet snoozing.

When she woke up, we quickly got ready for breakfast.  We learned our lesson yesterday!  Judy Lin does great with eating so far.  They told us she wasn't picky, and they weren't kidding!  After she finished, we decided to go for a walk in the garden at the hotel.  This place is beautiful--there are two waterfalls, fish ponds and bridges and walkways and a tennis court.  So pretty!  We got so tickled at Kinley--she ran ahead of us, yelled "Act casual!" and struck this pose.  What a nut!

We came back up to the room and decided to go out for a bit, do some shopping, get some lunch, and come back for nap time.  It was supposed to rain in the afternoon and we wanted to miss that, and pick up some warmer clothes for the cold front that the rain was bringing in.  We got everyone dressed and started out the door, and I noticed that Judy Lin's nose was bleeding.  Like, a lot.  We grabbed a towel and tried to keep it wiped, but she HATES for her face to be wiped, so it was a struggle.  I finally just decided to try to keep it off of our clothes, but it was a losing battle!  I got most of it off of her, but I ended up changing clothes completely and Shout wiping everything.  We finally got dressed again, reset, and headed out.  

By this time, it was lunch time again, and Kinley voted for McDonald's.  Honestly, sometimes it is exhausting trying to find something near the hotel that has either a picture menu or, even more rare, an English menu, so we have been playing it safe with some favorites.  We did decide to venture out to Pizza Hut, which isn't all pizza and isn't what we would consider acceptable toppings for pizza, but which still seemed pretty safe, considering our other options.  Judy Lin loved their lasagna!  

We ate and headed out to do some shopping.  Kinley picked up a few things at H&M, and we went across the street to the Friendship stores.  They are like malls, but instead of having a Men's Department and putting all of the men's casual shirts in one area and pants in another, they are organized by brand.  It is like rows of little boutiques in every direction.  It's nice if you know what brand you'd like to buy, but if you just need an assortment of men's polo shirts to choose from, it makes your task a bit more difficult.  Especially if your man has a chest and arms.  Who knew that "Asian fit" shirts were even a thing?!?!  We walked from boutique to boutique, not finding anything larger than a size medium Asian fit polo.  We were so tickled!  Finally, we found a size XL in one little area and he went in to the dressing room to try it on.  A few minutes later, he came back out with a serious case of the giggles.  Needless to say, we did not purchase that polo.  It was a blessing in disguise--we didn't know it was an expensive brand and that the polo was actually over $300 USD!  Finally, we found a Jeep section, and Zeke got a long sleeved t-shirt that worked.  

When we came out of the store, it was raining.  Hard.  And we had no umbrella, no rain jackets, nothing with us.  Back in we went, and found an umbrella.  For $75 USD.  We walked on, and found a second umbrella.  $375 USD.  I suddenly remembered the 7-11 on the corner and we ran there.  We found an umbrella labeled "Cheap Umbrella" and for less than $10 we purchased two!  Score!  Judy Lin was fascinated by the umbrella above her head while she was in the carrier.  I'm pretty sure she had never seen that before.

We came back across the road just in time to drop off our things and head to our appointment.  We were going to the Police Department (no photos allowed!) for Judy Lin's passport application.  The (scary!) van ride took longer than the appointment did, but the best part was that the first girl who interviewed us on Tuesday met us there and delivered some paperwork to our guide.  It was our official adoption certificate!  Aron gave them to us and congratulated us--on the China side, our adoption was complete!  She is officially ours--now we just have to complete the paperwork and wait to get her visa so that she can leave China and go the United States.  Yay God!  Now let's get this baby home! 

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