Thursday, April 30, 2015

An Update on the Terry Littles

Here is a snapshot of my babies, right now:
**I actually wrote this post at the end of February and never clicked Publish.  I am going to publish it today, since even in the last month they have changed so much!  I could update this already, but I will leave it as is...

Kinley is in fourth grade and is doing so well.  Her grades are amazing and she is learning more and becoming more responsible every day!  She is still loving gymnastics and goes 4 days a week for a total of 12.5 hours each week.  She is in Level 4 and is gaining confidence that she can do hard things.  She has also joined our first ever school chorus and is constantly getting Disney songs stuck in my head as they prepare for their spring concert.  She is a quick learner on the guitar and mandolin--I'm pretty sure those are Terry genes showing themselves strong!  She is having fun with her friends (as always).  She continues to show her unique sense of style and makes us all laugh with her sense of humor.  She and I have begun a new hobby, Bible Journaling, and she is super creative and does beautiful artwork.  She is witty and sharp!  She keeps us on our toes and I am so proud of the young lady that she is becoming!

Case is three (and 1/2!) and is all of a sudden turning into a big boy.  He is the most tenderhearted of my three.  He loves his mommy and still pinches my arm to go to sleep.  My favorite Case quote is "I wuv you too Mom."  He loves Batman and all of the people that come along with him.  He also loves anything to do with police, firemen, "airmbeences," and rescue helicopters.  He is super creative and loves to pretend--one moment he comes through as a policeman using a lego brick as his walkie-talkie, and the next trip through he is a fireman on his way to a fire that is about to destroy the construction site.  He is very interested in learning his letters and numbers right now!  He loves "Mater Doe Gator (Mater the Greater)" on Netflix and watching Imaginext toy reviews and play-doh on YouTube.  He also loves telling stories, each of which starts with, "Once upon a time, long time agos, waaay far away in the wooos..." He is quite persnickety and likes for things to look the same, taste the same, and BE the same all the time.  I can't imagine where he got that from(!!).

Camp will turn 2 in just over a month.  He is a MESS.  He is fearless and loves jumping and climbing.  We have put him in the twin bed because he climbed out of the crib every night and came to our bed!  He loves to hit people and follows it immediately with "sooy."  He has a great vocabulary and talks quite a bit.  He likes to tell stories too!  Zeke always starts them, and before he can even say, "Once upon a time," Camp has jumped in with "Woos!  Bad guy!"  Each story includes a bad guy and an alligator (who snorts like a pig), but he's starting to branch out.  He loves being outside and trying to get him from the house to the car at GraGra and Papa's and then from the car into our house every day is exhausting.  He even sneaks outside when the door is open for Allie.  Naked, barefoot, or fully clothed, it doesn't matter to Camp!  He loves reading books and can remember so much.  He is the one who has climbed into cabinets that were never baby proofed, draws on walls, and raises his Daddy's blood pressure with his addiction to climbing stairs.  But he also loves to give kisses, and his sweet baby breath when he goes to sleep at night melts my heart.  He is our little wild man but he has taught us that the messier, louder, and more full throttle life is, the more fun it can be.

We are blessed beyond measure to get to parent these sweet Image Bearers.  (Genesis 1:27)  May we always see them as such!