Monday, October 6, 2014

October Goals

So...for lots and lots of reasons, I have not posted or dealt with any goals since May!  Yikes...but it's ok.  I truly believe that life has seasons, and I have been in one of the hardest seasons of my life for the past few months.  There were days that I couldn't see tomorrow, much less make a plan for next month...or next year (more on that later...maybe.).  But things are looking up (thank you Jesus!) and I am ready to get back to my OCD planning and doing nature.

I am going to extend lots of grace and not even review those May and June goals, but forge right on with my October list, although I do think it is worth telling that I FINALLY made myself those dentist appointments and am in the middle of my treatment plan!  And just for the record, it hasn't been HALF as bad as I made it out to be.  :)

October Goals
1.  One-on-one time with my girly.  She's growing up way too fast, y'all.
2.  Date night with my hubby.  Score!  Already done!
3.  Create a consistent bedtime routine for all.  Nursing has ended, and I'm still not sure if that makes me want to sniffle or shout for joy.  Now we can create a routine that works for all of us, so that everyone feels safe and cozy, and maybe, just maybe, Mama gets a little "me" time.
4.  Redo budget for Zeke's new pay schedule.  It makes my brain hurt, but I love the challenge and I love making a plan.  Here's to making it AND following it!
5.  Decorate for fall.  I love the thought of sticks and leaves and pumpkins invading our house, and those dead ferns on the front porch need to go.  I can't wait to play!
6.  Make Christmas lists.  How can it possibly be only a few weeks until Christmas?!?!  This is my FAVORITE time of the year and I am hoping to be proactive to avoid the last-minute gift guilt rush AND stick to a budget.
7.  Switch out closets.  Sounds like a good project for fall break, no?!
8.  Start looking at new bedroom stuff.  Why is it always the Master Bedroom that is the last to get a little TLC?  Having a cozy retreat will definitely help our bedtime routine stick.  I hope.

Here's to a new month, new plans, and hope for the future...and lots of goals set to do things that I love anyway.  Let's get started!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just another day with Case...

As we all walked in from church last night, Camp and I were last to get out of the car and make it to the house (because, obviously, he needed to "drive" the car and hide from his Mama), and Zeke got tired of waiting, went in, and closed the door.  Getting everybody inside and the door closed without meltdowns from little boys who love to play outside is a big thing for us these days!  So anyway, the door opened again and Case stuck his little head out the door and said, "Mom!  Daddy closed you and Camp outside!  That not was nice!"  I said, "You're right buddy!  That wasn't nice.  Thank you for opening the door for us and being a gentleman!"  He puffed his chest up, walked out the door, brushed his hands off, and said, "You're welc.  Just doin' my job."