Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where does the time go?

I swore I was going to keep up with this thing, and here we go again!  It's been months and months since a post.  There could be a good explanation, I suppose...

Terry Party of 4 is (very soon) becoming Terry Party of 5.  How in the world did this happen?  Well...we aren't really sure.  After trying for almost two years before we got pregnant with Kinley, and then trying to have another baby afterwards (we didn't really *plan* to have 6 1/2 years in between #1 and #2!), and then being off birth control for 18 months when we got pregnant with Case, the LAST thing on our minds was the possibility of a SURPRISE #3.  After all, we had one boy, one girl, a dog...our little family was complete.  Or so we thought.

Enter...well...God.  I'm still not really sure why, but He chose to surprise us in the best way this past August.  During the first week of school, I realized that I had poured out my coffee three days in a row.  Girl just doesn't pour out some good Starbucks without a reason.  This led to a fleeting thought of, "Hmmm...could it be?  That happened with Case."  A quick text to my man and he said exactly what I thought, "There's no way."  I had been really tired and was STARVING, but I had just had my wisdom teeth cut out and school had just started, so I was recovering from two weeks of eating mush and am always exhausted the first few weeks of a new school year.  A week later, after some issues of random heartburn, we decided to take a test.  It was IMMEDIATELY positive.  My emotions were all over the place...happy, scared, nervous, unsure...I'm a planner by nature, and I didn't have a plan for this.  Luckily my roll-with-the-punches man reassured me that this WAS a great blessing and that at this point, it was already our baby...our third child...alive and well...nothing short of a gift. forward 7 months.  It's the end of March.  I am 36 weeks pregnant with a little boy who will be named Campton Tuck Terry and who will steal his mama's heart just like his big sister and big brother have.  Is our house ready?  No.  Am I caught up on sleep so that I'm ready for c-section #3 and sleepless nights feeding a newborn?  No.  Am I sure that my girly is ok with making room for another rowdy Terry boy and that she knows her place in her mama's heart is secure?  No.  Do I think that my boy is going to be ok with sharing his mama or even leaving the hospital without her?  No.  Do I think that I can keep up with a husband, three sweet little ones, a house, and a job?  Not really.  But do I know that amidst the uncertainty in my head and heart, that the one thing certain is that this is God's plan for us...He sustains and provides, and I'm praying that in the middle of the chaos that I'm sure is about to ensue, we will find Him, and He will be our constant.  Let's do this :)